There’s life after stroke

The moments right after a stroke are the most important for the overall outcomes. It is this period that determines whether or not, and to which extent, the patient will recover. Rehabilitation programs are very useful to teach patients how to accomplish daily activities and prevent a second stroke. 

Do people who have suffered a stroke get better?

In most cases, people do get better over time. How quickly and to which degree doesn’t only depend on the extent of the brain injury: effective rehabilitation plays a key role.

What does rehabilitation consist of?

Stroke rehabilitation programs are structured in a way that may reverse some of the effects of stroke. They also help people overcome any physical disabilities by learning new skills and coping techniques. These programs help stroke patients to improve their physical capacities, which will in turn improve their quality of life.

When does rehabilitation begin?

As soon as a stroke patient has been stabilized, it’s time to consider rehabilitation therapy.

When do the first signs of improvement appear?

Improvement often occurs in the first months following a stroke. Afterwards, with perseverance, it may continue over the following years.

What do people do in rehabilitation?

Rehab programs often focus on mobility, communication, cognitive and social skills. The ultimate goal is to increase independence in performing daily activities.

How can another stroke be prevented?

One in every four individuals who suffer a stroke will experience a secondary or recurrent stroke. Therefore, another goal of rehabilitation programs is to help people make lifestyle changes to prevent another stroke. Indeed, some stroke risks factors can be controlled, treated or improved. These include:

    • Quitting smoking.
    • Regular physical activity
    • Maintaining a healthy weight
    • A healthy diet
    • Regular checkups with your physician and following their recommendations and prescriptions to ensure the best post-stroke care



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